Upper Banta Youths Hold Dialogue Meeting at Mokelleh Town


 Youth Dialogue Meeting Group Photo 

Upper Banta Youth Dialogue Meeting





Youth participants (male and female) and chiefdom representatives gathered at Mokelleh town in Upper Banta, Moyamba, southern Sierra Leone Wednesday to dialogue and be au fete with challenging issues that have been earlier identified in the GRCs (Grievance Redress Committees) and chiefdom meetings over the past months.

Participants also added their voices in suggesting or recommending what action needs to be taken

Some members of the Chiefdom Development Committee (CDC) were present to throw light on the award of chiefdom scholarship for this academic year. Lansana Gbondo said: “the scholarship scheme is transparent without problems”.

Chiefdom administrative clerk, Gabriel Jusu explained that the chiefdom has just received 323 millions Leones from Sierra Rutile to support 7 affected chiefdoms

The chiefdom youth leader John Ndoinjeh said: “ Youth are very happy for the fact that such meeting have never been held in this manner in which we are asked to make contributions towards our development”.

He requested the chiefdom administration to always involve young people in decision making processes as the Paramount Chief could not do things all by himself.

One of the youth Abu Bakarr Alusine mentioned that unemployment is still high adding that the new company Kasino did not comply with community agreement to employ indigenes over a year now.

One of the things that was revealed was that scholarship awarded by Sierra Rutile are sometimes controlled by workers of the company thus excluding indigenes.

Chiefdom Development Committee representative Lansana Gbondo explained the scholarship scheme and said this year’s scheme went to the right individuals as the Paramount Chief did sign the applications of targeted beneficiaries.

This Youth Dialogue Session is part of the UN Peace building Fund project: Mitigating Local Resource-based Conflicts and Increasing Community Resilience supported by UNDP and implemented by Fambul Tok.

Chiefdom Dialogue Sessions for Youth, Women and Chiefdom Stakeholders Begin in Moyamba


Fambul Tok has started series of sessions for youth, women and chiefdom stakeholders in Lower Banta and Upper Banta chiefdoms in Moyamba district.

Mosenesie Lower Banta Chiefdom Youth Dialogue Session

Mosenesie Lower Banta Chiefdom Youth Dialogue Group Photo

These engagements focus on sharing highlights of issues raised in meetings of the Grievance Redress Committees, Farmer Based Organizations and chiefdom meetings in both chiefdoms.

The youth dialogue kicked off on August 21 at Mosenesie junction and brought together 60 young men and women to verify and get their opinions on issues earlier identified.

The gathering confirmed that the issues were not made up but actual and credible.

According to the youths, government must do something urgent to prevent Lower Banta from collapsing.

Fambul Tok Executive Director, John Caulker, called on the gathering to exercise patience as the chiefdom now faces chieftaincy issue as the caretaker chief has left.

One of the most urgent things highlighted by youth was that the chiefdom has no central control because of the absence of chiefdom authorities.

“We have suffered for five years now and we don’t want to continue like this”, says Hawa Gbagra, Chiefdom Youth Adviser.

Chiefdom Youth Chairman, Nasir Mansaray said Fambul Tok with other partners -Office of the Vice President, UNDP and WFP continue to play big role in ensuring that the chiefdom is peaceful.

He assured that there will be no roadblocks as usual but called on government to quickly respond to the crisis in the chiefdom.

Pujehun Women Dialogue in Malen Calls for More Inclusion in CDC


Fambul Tok has

Malen Women’s Dialogue Meeting

Chiefdom Mammy Queen and Maloa Chairlady Reconciles During Dialogue

facilitated another women’s dialogue on 24th August 2021 in Sahn town, Malen chiefdom in Pujehun district. Women’s representatives from the nine sections of the chiefdom were in attendance. This UNPBF project: “Mitigating local resource based conflicts and increasing community resilience” , furthers the conversation of women related issues and amplify women voices to create the amiable space for reconciliation, sustainable peace and development in Malen chiefdom.

The dialogue reconciled dispute between two women

Hannah Deen on Left of Maloa who supports Shiaka Sama and Haja Adama Senge who supports Chief Kebbie were not on speaking terms for over a decades have decided to put there differences aside for the sake of peace in Malen Chiefdom

The three young ladies standing with Hawa Conteh suggested and appealed to the women to reconcile Hannah Deen chairlady of Maloa and Haja Adama the Chiefdom Mammy Queen so that peace will prevail in their chiefdom. The following were the highpoint of the dialogue:

1.The chiefdom women call for the restructuring of the chiefdom women’s executive.

  1. Increase in the percentage of women into the Chiefdom Development Committee (CDC)
  2. The Malen chiefdom women call for the Paramount Chief and the Member of Parliament of constituency 104 to meet and reconcile.

4 The chiefdom mammy queen Haja Adama Sengeh and Hannah Deen Maloa chairlady to reconcile for sustainable peace in Malen chiefdom.

5 The Malen women call on stakeholders to allow them to practice their cultural heritage (Bondo).