Fambul Tok Extends Peace Mothers Structures In Two Chiefdoms In Koinadugu District    

Fambul Tok Staff in Koinadugu district, northern Sierra Leone, have facilitated the formation of three Sectional Peace Mothers groups and two Chiefdom Peace Mothers Executives in Diang and Gbonkorboh-Kayaka chiefdoms with the aim of strengthening the role of women in peace and community development.

On the 9th, 19th and 21st of April 2021 Fambul Tok (FT) held three Sectional Peace Mothers Formation processes in Diang Chiefdom –Sonsafeh, Madrifeh and Fulla sections. A total of 113 community women Participated from across the three sections – 48 in Sosanfeh section, 39 in Madrifeh and 26 in Fulla sections.

On the 20th and 30th of April 2021 FT organized two Chiefdom Executive formations in Gbonkorgboh-Kayaka and Diang Chiefdoms. A total of 28 women leaders participated – 10 women from the five Sections in Gbonkorboh – Kayaka chiefdom (2 representatives per section) and 14 women from the seven Sections in Diang Chiefdom participated. The purpose of the meeting was to establish Chiefdom Peace Mothers Executives to coordinate and oversee the activities of the sectional structures in the chiefdoms.

The women were educated on their roles and responsibilities in promoting community development, peace building and the advantages of peaceful co-existence.

Staff took them through the mission, vision and core of values Fambul Tok.

Peace Mothers’ Group Formation in Gbongborthor Village

Fambul Tok staff in koinadugu district, northern Sierra Leone on the 9th April 2021 facilitated the formation of Sectional Peace Mothers’ group in Gbongborthor village, Sosanfeh Section, Diang Chiefdom. The Peace mothers elected Madam Tida Koroma as the chairlady of their executive.

The Town Chief of Koinadugu Village, Pa Kalilu Farroh, the host Town Chief, welcome participants and outlined some of the things they benefitted as husbands since the formation of Peace Mothers in their community in 2010. “We are always proud of Fambul Tok as our wives have been very helpful in finding solutions when there are problems, which used to be totally left with us as husbands to battle before the intervention of Fambul Tok.” He encouraged everyone to be very attentive as the meeting proceeds.

Sectional Peace Mothers' group in Gbongborthor village, Sosanfeh Section, Diang Chiefdom

Sectional Peace Mothers’ group in Gbongborthor village, Sosanfeh Section, Diang Chiefdom

Sectional Peace Mothers' Executive

Sectional Peace Mothers’ Executive

Fambul Tok Mamusu Mansaray admonished Peace Mothers about the importance of the work of Fambul Tok to women and expressed confidence that all its projects will be undertaken in the best interest of the communities.

SLBC Hosts Fambul Tok On War Anniversary Programme

Fambul Tok continues its Never Again Campaign to mark the 30th anniversary of the Sierra Leone civil war with series of media events.

The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) hosted Fambul Tok in TV and radio shows.

Fambul Tok Abdul Rashid told the Podium host that the campaign was done nation wide and 16 school clubs in 4 districts (Kailahun, Koinadugu, Moyamba and Pujehun) organized activities ranging from town hall meetings, drama, public processions, football matches to burn fire.

He also told the nationwide Good Morning show that Fambul Tok aims to remind the people about the effects of the 11- year rebel war and the lessons learnt.

“This is good for the kids who don’t have any experience of the war and some of whom will be first time voters in the next elections in 2023”.

The school clubs will continue their engagements with peers and community stakeholders to remind all about the ills of war and how all can contribute in fostering peace and national cohesion.