Upper Bambara Forms Chiefdom Peace Mothers Executive

Fambul Tok facilitates the formation of Chiefdom Peace Mothers executive in Nganyahun section,

Nganyahun Peace Mothers Executive

Pendembu town in Upper Bambara chiefdom on 24th February 2021. A total of twelve participants from all the six Sections, two from each section, were present.

Madam Lucia Brima team leader Fambul Tok thanked all participants for honouring their invitation to the meetings and also thanked them for their continuous participation with Fambul Tok all this while.

She said Fambul Tok has formed peace mother group in as all six sections in upper Bambara chiefdom and all the peace mothers are doing very well in their normal activities over the years adding that it’s now time to form the chiefdom peace mother executive that will over see the activities of the sectional peace mother groups.

She also Said, sometimes peace mother groups in some sections will keep off their normal activities and slowly die down but the chiefdom peace mother executive will now serve as an Auxiliary body that will re-organise the group in order to kick start their normal activities.

She went on to say that the chiefdom peace mother executive could also serve as a mediator between peace mother groups. Whenever minor conflict arises among them the chiefdom Peace Mother executive will step in to stabilise the situation.

During the formation, Madam Hawa Musa, Peace Mothers chairlady for Bambara section thanked Fambul Tok for coming up with a beautiful initiative. She said, the sectional peace mother has been great in all sections in the chiefdom with regards to peace and development but the formation of peace mother group at chiefdom level has being the gap for a long time.

She also said, before now, there was no upper level peace mother group to advise and encourage them to continue their activities but with the formation of chiefdom peace mother executive this will salvage the situation. They will serve as an umbrella body for overseeing the activities of all sectional peace mother groups in the chiefdom.

Finally, she thanked Fambul Tok for their continues engagement in the chiefdom.

9 Disputes Resolved At Mobonor Bonfire

Fambul Tok facilitates bonfire ceremony at Mobonor section, Kongbora chiefdom, Moyamba, southern Sierra Leone with funds from the African Transitional Justice Legacy Fund.

Mobonor Truth-telling Bonfire and Reconciliation

There were traditional dances, masquerades and drumming prologue the actual confessions. A total of about 500 people from all sectional villages witnessed the 2nd March ceremony.

Section Speaker, Samba Lamin in his welcome address said: “peace is a key tool for sustainable development and that is what Fambul Tok is bringing to our section”. He said the section was relatively peaceful since Fambul came. He continued that the cooperation shown by all villages towards the bonfire ceremony clearly “shows that Mobonor people are ready for peace”. He ended by welcoming Fambul Tok staff and all neighbouring villages to the bonfire ceremony.

A total of nine cases were resolved by the reconciliation committee among which was between Martha Lassayo and Pa Samuel Maggay. Martha explained that when Pa Maggay’s goat ate her rice she took no punitive action. On the contrary, she was the one who was taken to the chiefs by Pa Maggay when her own goat ate pa Maggay’s groundnut and huge amount of money was claimed from her. So she refused to speak to him since then. Pa Maggay refused to accept the claim but the reconciliation committee stepped in and advised both parties to control their animals. They were reconciled and are now in speaking terms.

At sunrise, they offered both Christian and Muslim prayers and food was shared among people.

Mokerewa Academy Holds Orientation for 50 Peace Club Members

Orientation Programme

Fambul Tok Field Staff Joseph Kalokoh During Orientation

Fambul Tok on Tuesday, 2nd March 2021 conducted an orientation for 50 Peace Club members for the Wan Fambul Schools Program at the Golden Academy of Sciences Secondary School, in Mokorewa village, Njawa section, Moyamba district.

Fambul Tok District Schools Coordinator, Joseph P. Kalokoh facilitated the orientation along with the two teacher-coordinators from the school. Mr Kalokoh in his statement said: “The schools program is an effort to see young people actively involved in peace building within their schools and the wider communities. He proceeded that,” members of the clubs are called “peace champions” because they are the ones taking the lead to disseminate peace messages in and out of their schools and therefore should be ready to lead by example.” He added that, “he expects club members to work closely with their two teacher coordinators”. He ended by admonishing peace club members to uphold the criteria that enhanced their selection and that their behavior as members should be shaped round those criteria. And values of peace

Acting Principal, Mr. Richard Mustapha Nabieu said he was delighted for the restart of the schools program in his school. He recounted that his school benefited a lot from the programme, as he was one of the coordinators before the Ebola virus disease interruption. He encouraged members to influence change in the behavior of their sisters, brothers, friends and relatives. and show high level of commitment towards the activities of the club.

Ishmail Kpaka of JSS 2 gave a vote of thanks on behalf of club members. He thanked Fambul Tok and the teacher coordinators for selecting them into the peace club.