Training of Mediators Begins in Moyamba

Sembehun CWMC Training

Fambul Tok has kicked off training of Community Welfare and Mediation Committees in Bagruwa chiefdom, Moyamba district.

The session began on July 7th in Sembehun town and brought together men and women representatives from 15 villages.

Declaring the meeting open, Section Chief Madam Lucinda Lango said participants have expressed happiness since the last preparedness meeting and have yearned to take the process serious. She cautioned them to play participatory roles in the training, as it will be necessary to under take peacemaker roles in their villages.

Emmanuel Mansaray of Fambul Tok explained that it is very important to give communities the required training to be able to embark on peace, reconciliation and development.

He said Fambul Tok’s role is just to facilitate the process of People’s Planning Process so that communities will own and continue peace and development of their priority needs.

Joseph Benji talked on core values of Fambul Tok and said the organization does not compromise any of the core values

He called on participants to be steadfast and work with their villages for development aspirations.

Sadiatu Pessima called women to be fully involved as the Peoples Planning Process is very inclusive. She maintained that Fambul Tok would give full support to facilitate activities in the chiefdom.

During the session participants were taught skills on active communication, reconciliation, mediation and how to embark on community development.

Before the training ended a sectional executive was formed and first rotational meeting scheduled for July 20th in Sembehun

Each village brought in their priorities for the next two years.


Bagruwa Chiefdom Starts Sectional Community Preparedness Meetings


After conducting chiefdom meeting for stakeholders and community members in Sembehun in Bagruwa chiefdom Moyamba district for the start of the People’s Planning Process, Fambul Tok has started sectional community preparedness meetings in sections in the chiefdom.

These meetings bring together participants from all villages in the section to deliberate on issues affecting them and map out ways of working together in a spirit of peace, cohesion and community development

The meeting started last week in Sembehun section with over forty-one community members and stakeholders. They discussed several issues including what the chiefdom stands to benefit from Sierra Rutile if they work in peace to develop their chiefdom

One thing that stood out clearly during group presentations was pronouncement by the mining company several months ago that Bagruwa has huge chunk of rutile deposits and if peace returns among stakeholders they will benefit a lot. They commended Fambul Tok and apologised for their non compliance in last year’s incident that stalled the organizations efforts to kick start the PPP in the chiefdom

Section chief Madam Lucinda said now that all nine sections have agreed to accept the process they will do everything to sustain PPP.

The second session of the Community Preparedness meeting kicked off on July 5 in Palima section .Representatives from 15 villages, section chief, Mammy Queens and other stakeholders were hosted in Palima village the section headquarter town.

Palima Section,

Sembehun Section

Emmanuel Mansaray gave an overview of Fambul Tok operations and explained how the People’s Planning Process works. He said Palima section was not new as Fambul Tok has worked there for a very long time.

He demonstrated the broken cup exercise and said if the community does not embark on development it will not be easy for a particular community to grow. He said Fambul Tok over the years has been working and walking along with communities to address burning issues and facilitate development

Joseph Benji emphasized on cohesiveness of communities and said the PPP leaves no one behind and is very inclusive. He said not many communities benefited at the end of the country’s war, adding that the PPP was initiated by Fambul Tok to correct the wrongs that affected communities and ensure communities work in activities they put together by themselves.

A community representative from Morsaya highlighted some burning community concerns or issues undermining peace and cohesion in their chiefdom

Solomon Yarjoh said the group work and presentations do not mean Fambul Tok will provide what communities plan to do but it will continue to support the process to succeed.

On July 6, similar meeting continued in Moseilolo section where participants raised issues and suggested solutions to them.

The community preparedness meetings will continue in the remaining six sections in Bagruwa chiefdom

Peace Clubs Hold Conference in BO to Plan for New School Year

End of Year WFPC Conference in Bo

32 teacher coordinators from 16 schools #Peace Clubs from #Kailahun, #Moyamba, #Pujehun and #Koinadugu end 2021/22 End of Year Planning Conference in Bo district, southern #Sierra Leone. Coordinators flagged the successes, challenges, lessons learnt and activity plans for the way forward for 2021/22 peace building in schools. Fambul Tok (FT) facilitated the conference as part of creating peace and national cohesion in the country.

Abdul Rashid, representing the Executive Director, told participants that the purpose of the workshop was to assess the work done in the year ending, draw on the positives of the lessons learnt and develop innovative and achievable work-plans within the context of value for money that suit the concept of the Wan Fambul Peace Clubs (WFPC). Participants should also take note of the socio-economic context in the country and Covid19 pandemic situation in the globe. He reminded them of their roles and responsibilities as teachers and emphasised that what ever they do must be in the best interest of the kids. “The main function of the clubs is to build peace in schools and the communities,” he said.

FT Schools Coordinator Joseph Kargbo commended the coordinators for their hard work in the year ending, especially, for the launch of the clubs, commemoration of 30 years Sierra Leone’s civil war anniversary and the Day of the African Child. He said FT is committed to supporting the schools programmes, especially for the value it brings to the kids and communities at large. They are our hope for tomorrow, he said

The 16 schools gave updates on activities they carried out in their schools, the challenges and the way forward in group work presentations organized by districts.

The coordinators agreed that the operation of the school clubs is good for their schools. Kailahun Ahmadiyya School teacher coordinator Yatta Momodu said” we recorded not a single incident of violence in our school this year whilst those without SPC were battling with indiscipline. In Pujehun for the first time kids were able to seat with parents and discuss about the history of the civil war and peace. Koinadugu reported that the SPCs have become role models for good behaviour in the schools and platforms for reminding pupils about the ills of conflicts.

All Schools reported challenges posed by Covid 19 and resource constraints to scale up some of their activities. A handful said they encounter resistance from some superiors, and asked for capacity building in dealing with some conflict issues.

The Ft facilitator admonished them to use these challenges to inform the development of the 2021/22 work plans. He reminded them to be innovative in the midst of the corona pandemic, little resources and manage expectations in order to deliver on the goals of the SPC. He explained to them the benefits of having sustainable programmes as FT and the donors will not be around forever. But hope the clubs should serve as a legacy for all partners.

The Teacher Coordinators produced work plans for all four districts that will drive the activities of the 16 SPCs in the 2021/22 school academic year.