“Community involvement is key to National Development” Fambul Tok boss

The Executive Director of Fambul Tok International-Sierra Leone,John Caulker says involvement of communities at every stage in project implementation is very vital to both community and national development.He was speaking during the restructuring of the Kasunko Kakelain chiefdom inclusive committee in Fadugu town,Koinadugu district,Wednesday,March 6,2019.


John takes interview from the press in Fadugu

He said the restructuring of the Committee was as  a esult of the de-amalgamation of Kasunko which was originally one but is now divided into three chiefdoms and therefore there was need to restrucrure the entire committee.

John Caulker gave a brief background of the People’s Planning Process(PPP),an initiative developed by Fambul Tok in collaboration with Catalyst for Peace for organizations to work and involve communities in the post ebola recovery process.

“We saw what happened to the post war recovery resources”He said,adding,we dont a repeat of wastages and that is why we brought this initiative so that communities would be fully invloved in development activities”. We have worked and continue to operate in three pilot districts of Kailahun,Moyamba and Koinadugu to develop chiefdom plans which makes provision for development activities of every village,section and up to chiefdom levels.Over the past three years we have worked with communities to identify their own development aspirations”

A cross section of the new CIC members

He went on to state that the Government of Sierra Leone should take into consideration what various communities have proposed in the National Development plan,adding that newly developed chiefdom plans should be integrated into the bigger national plan.

He said the PPP gives people the opportunity to lead and come up with strategies on how they can fund raise and implement their intended purposes

Mohamed Mansaray of Madina Kamandi village explained how their community in Koinadugu district has benefited from the initiative of working together through community joint venture to build health facility

Councilor Ballay Mansaray of Ward 152 in Koinadugu district expressed gratitude to Fambul Tok,adding that development starts with communities

She said the committee will serve as a link and fills the vacuum that existed in the chiefdom,adding that it will also coordinate activities of community structures such as Community mediators and peace mothers.

The composition of the committee has traditional leaders,youth,women leaders,chiefdom administration etc.The executive chairman is Foday Moseray Kamara.

Meanwhile another new chiefdom,Gbonkoboh Kayaka has earlier restructured its Chiefdom Inclusive Committee.

As peace mothers’ group loan scheme reaches Le35,000,000…Traditional leaders shocked

Traditional leaders including section chief of Tangula,Fakunya chiefdom,Moyamba district were taken aback last Friday when it was announced how peace mothers have raised the sum of Le35,000,000(nearly US$4000) through loan scheme.

After Fambul Tok trained its structures in that section,women from all 13 villages decided to embark on weekly contributions to start a soap making project.They started with Le1000 individually and when they have gathered sum good amount kicked off the soap project.

Section chief,Mosima reconciles with Moseray(PM Secretary)

This trade continued for over a year and it was in one of their meetings the idea of loan scheme crept in.All members supported the idea .The scheme is a success story today as all villages are now doing  individual and  small scale businesses.The women have bought shares at the Moyamba Community bank

As the scheme continued,with members paying a minimal interest on loans,Section Chief of Tangula,Alfred Mosima,including some town chiefs became uneasy as women were slowly becoming breadwinners in their various households.This did not go down well with traditional leaders as they alleged that their women could no longer listen or take instructions.This is  fallacy of generalization.

Peace mothers’ meeting in progress

Early this year,Chief Mosima threatened  to shut down the group insisting   he has no knowledge of its existence.He persuaded other chiefs to withdraw their wives and relatives from the peace mothers.

After so many threats,last week a general meeting was called by the peace mothers to explain to leaders,in detail what they have and continue to get through the scheme.Fambul Tok staff facilitated discussion.This was through the selfless efforts of a single male in the group,Abu Moseray who enters daily,weekly and monthly monetary affairs since they started.Moseray’s announcement of Le35,000,000 shocked traditional leaders and in a few seconds all of them gave the go ahead for the scheme to continue.

The section chief,in an apologetic mood, asked the gathering to forgive him,adding that he was misled and did not know how the scheme works.Other chiefs that graced the occasion also added their voices and praised the women for their individual efforts to sustain livelihoods in the community


Kailahun Council,Chiefs in Joint revenue collection

The Kailahun District Council and the Council of Paramount Chiefs last Thursday,1st November,2018 in Pendembu,Upper Bambara chiefdom finally signed a Memoradum of Understanding for joint revenue collection.

Speaking during a one day stakeholders meeting organized by Kailahun Inlusive District Committee in collaboration with District Council,the Chairman of Kailahun District Council,Sahr A K Lamin informed the gathering that if Council wants to collect much needed revenue effectively it should work together with both traditional leaders and community members.He said one of the problems that had crippled revenue mobilization in the district has to do with sour relationships that used to exist among traditional leaders(Paramount chiefs,Parliamentarians,Councilors and community members

‘This has to change,and all of us should work together” he noted.He used the opportunity to call on the Inclusive Committee with support from Fambul Tok and UNDP to help resolve pertinent issues in most of the chiefdoms

Chairman Lamin signs the agreement(left) is PC Jajua

Hon.PC Cyril Foray Gondor heaped praises on Fambul Tok for its approach to resolving issues in a peaceful manner.He requested stakeholders to take the lead in development process.PC Gondor said revenue generation is very key to development and therefore  all those concerned should work to ensure that they collect the much needed money

Chairman,Council of Paramount Chiefs,PC Mohamed Sheriff Coker Jajua on behalf on his colleagues requested for standing ovation for the Inclusive Committee for spear heading both peace and development process in the district

‘Today’s ceremony to sign the MOU started over two years ago.We want to thank Fambul Tok,Catalyst for Peace and UNDP for supporting us achieve what we are about to append our signatures to and hope this will be  final stake for the beginning of  sustainable development in our communities”PC Jajua  re-emphasized

District Officer,Kailahun,William Ngegbai said revenue collection is the backbone of development and asked stakeholders to be part of the process

Executive Director,Fambul Tok International-Sierra Leone,John Caulker said what started over two years ago has come to fruition.He appreciated the efforts of the Inclusive Committee for facilitation the process to its conclusion.He called on everyone to help resolve the conflict in Penguia and Kissi Tongi chiefdoms

Before the parties signed the MOU,they agreed to open joint account at the Segbwema Community Bank and also the First International Bank in Kailahun.