SLBC Hosts Fambul Tok On War Anniversary Programme

Fambul Tok continues its Never Again Campaign to mark the 30th anniversary of the Sierra Leone civil war with series of media events.

The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) hosted Fambul Tok in TV and radio shows.

Fambul Tok Abdul Rashid told the Podium host that the campaign was done nation wide and 16 school clubs in 4 districts (Kailahun, Koinadugu, Moyamba and Pujehun) organized activities ranging from town hall meetings, drama, public processions, football matches to burn fire.

He also told the nationwide Good Morning show that Fambul Tok aims to remind the people about the effects of the 11- year rebel war and the lessons learnt.

“This is good for the kids who don’t have any experience of the war and some of whom will be first time voters in the next elections in 2023”.

The school clubs will continue their engagements with peers and community stakeholders to remind all about the ills of war and how all can contribute in fostering peace and national cohesion.

Peace Mothers Chiefdom Platforms Established


The role of Peace Mothers since its establishment fourteen years ago has been tremendous in Fambul Tok operational districts in the country. Peace Mothers group was initiated due to the fact that women, especially those that faced difficulties during the war were posing questions to Fambul Tok as to what could be done to salvage their situation.

Fambul Tok was bold to tell them that it did not have money to give anyone but will work with women so that they would work together to achieve their goals.

After the launching of the group in 2010, over 200 peace mothers groups have been formed in various sections in the country. The women have been working together to develop their communities.

In 2021, even though peace mothers are working together, there is need to create another level to link with other structures in the chiefdoms.

Formation of peace mothers chiefdom level platform

This year, peace mothers in  various chiefdoms have started forming chiefdom level platforms to link with other structures in the chiefdoms and districts.

In Kailahun district, the formation was held in Koindu town, Kissi Teng and brought together peace mothers from all five sections in the chiefdom. They explained what they have been doing over the years and said the establishment of the chiefdom level executive was timely, as it would create a link with other platforms in the districts.

Kasunko chiefdom also organized its own formation in Fadugu town. Women and other invited guests from different sections graced the occasion past Wednesday.

In Moyamba district, Kongbora chiefdom peace mothers converged  at Bauya town and spoke on successes women continue to get for the past years.

Other chiefdoms will also form chiefdom executives before the end of the year


Peje West Chiefdom Validates Plan


The people of Peje West chiefdom in Kailahun district have  unanimously accepted and validated their chiefdom plan. The event took place in Bunumbu, headquarter town of the chiefdom.

The validation process was to review documents of all 34 villages in the five sections that were collated on activities they had proposed in the People’s Planning Process for Peje West.

In his welcome address, chief Morie Musa who represented Paramount Chief and other chiefdom stakeholders, said they are very pleased with such meeting.He said in the absence of other dignitaries, participants from all sections would always work with Fambul Tok to realize peace and development in the chiefdom

Participants endorse their plan

Giving the purpose of the gathering, Fambul Tok Kailahun District team leader Solomon Yarjoh said: “today’s event is very important as  it served as a conclusive part of the Peje West chiefdom plan”. Lucia Brima said Fambul Tok selected three chiefdoms in Kailahun district to launch the People’s Planning Process (PPP), adding that Penguia, Yawei and Peje West were chosen.

Fambul Tok International-Sierra Leone, Solomon Yarjoh said the review of  the documents was not new and it gave an opportunity to indigenes in the sections to closely look at what they have earlier put together to adjust or confirm activities.He said the PPP was initiated because of the experiences faced by communities after declaration of the war.He said a lot of opportunities were provided to help poor communities but most did not benefit because they were not fully involved in the planning and implementation stages

He said the PPP is people’s centred as it is inclusive of everyone in villages, sections and chiefdom levels

He emphasized that it is important because participants would have their say as the final plan belongs to the people. He explained that the plan would be handed over to Local Council for active collaboration with communities

One of the mediators,Martha Bocakarie explained that the role of mediators could not be thrown under the carpet.She said had it not been the intervention of mediators in the chiefdom, there would have been a lot of problems.

Another senior chief  Alpha Swaray underscored success stories and went on to state as traditional leaders they have realized over the years that peace and unity now prevail due to the work of Fambul Tok

Participants from all five sections were divided into groups to review the plan.Adjustments and corrections were made which were captured in the final plan.The plan was unanimously accepted with thunderous applause.

At the end of the day, elections were conducted for the Chiefdom Inclusive Committee of Peje West.The CIC is co-chaired by PC Shamsu Mustapha to be assisted by Chiefdom Speaker.

Secretary General was won by Morie Mustapha.The position of Financial Secretary was won by Alpha Swaray,Treasurer is Feima Lahai.Public Relations Officers are Amie Moinina and Allieu Saffa,CIC Advisor is William Ellie and the auditorship went to Martha Bockarie.

The first meeting of the Chiefdom Inclusive Committee will take place on March 30,2021 in Bunumbu.