Chiefdom Level Stakeholders Meet At Malen

Fambul Tok ends a one-day chiefdom level stakeholders meeting at the chiefdom court barrrey in Sahn town in the Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun District, to discuss the level of resolution on issues raised during past GRC meetings and dialogues on the Malen land conflict.

The chiefdom level stakeholders meeting is part of the activities of #unpeace

Malen Chiefdom Level Stakeholders Meeting

building project: Mitigating local resource-based conflicts and increasing community resilient in Malen Chiefdom, in Pujehun district.  A total of 50 participants (21 men, 20 women and 9 youths) drawn from the nine sections of the chiefdom, were in full attendance on the 15th December 2021.

Months back, several meetings were held in Malen and Makpele chiefdoms and Pujehun town respectively involving stakeholders, government officials, youth groups and other interested parties from Malen and Makpele Chiefdoms to help point out issues to improve on sustainable peace in both Chiefdoms

Chief of Sahn Town- Chief Abu Gombu in the absence of both the Paramount Chief and his Speaker welcomed the participants and thanked FTI-SL and other stakeholders for their commitment to promote peace in Malen chiefdom.

He said FTI-SL can be a living testimony that people were saying that local authorities denied NGOs and CSOs to organize meetings in Malen Chiefdom, but within 2020/2021 FTI-SL has organized successful meetings inviting all stakeholders, HOPANDA and MALOA groups.  He said this serves as an example of the willingness by the local authorities to promote peace in Malen Chiefdom; while decelerating the meetings open.

In presenting issues highlighted in the previous meetings in Malen and Pujehun, Joseph M Kargbo of FTI-SL explained the following burning issues to be addressed.

> The Chairman council of paramount chiefs PC Sas Gbonda of the Kpanga Kirim chiefdom Pujehun district, to lead a delegation with other Paramount Chiefs to visit Malen Chiefdom, to resolve the interpersonal grievances between Hon PC Kebbie and his younger brother Honorable Sama.

>Immediate Chiefdom dialogue in both Chiefdom (Malen and Makpele) to be facilitated by Fambul Tok as soon as possible to report on the outcome of the MSP meeting.

> Local government to identify where chiefs are selected and help resolve dissatisfaction through the process of electing chiefs.

> The office of the Vice President to release the report or recommendations from the technical report.

> Woman to be included in the Chiefdom development committee and stakeholders to resolve the conflict between the Chiefdom youth council in Makpele.

He ended by saying FTISL has worked endlessly to resolve most of the issues raised from the last meeting together with both Chiefdoms and commitment were made by other people to play their own part.

Ibrahim B Swaray-CSO Chairman Pujehun District added that complement should be given to FTISL as they have done extremely well with the inclusion of Civil Society. Noting that in due time, both Chiefdoms will enjoy lasting peace and development based on the approach they are using. Haja Adama Sengeh, chiefdom Mammy Queen express her gratitude to Fambul Tok UNDP, and WFP for the peace building process in the Malen land conflicts: ‘we were worrisome before this time because of continuous unrest in our chiefdom, but we thank God for Fambul Tok for bridging the gaps for sustainable peace in Malen chiefdom’.

Makpele GRC Monthly Meeting Triggers Surface Rent Payments

The Grievance Redress committee (GRC) hold their last monthly meeting for the year at the Zimmi town court barray, #Pujehun district on Friday 10th December 2021. The Committee members from the four sections of Makpele chiefdom and farmers based organization (FBOs) are all in attendance. The meeting also serve as a follow up on outstanding issues during past engagements in the chiefdom.

After the opening courtesies, Mr. Abdulai Kanneh committee member from Selimeh express gratitude to Fambul Tok for being resilient in mediating the chiefdom’s disputes that have been hindrances to the chiefdom development for so long. “But with the

Makpele GRC Members

intervention of Fambul Tok in the chiefdom we have now started enjoying peace and development”, Mr. Kanneh said.


Among other things at the centre of the discussion, are the inclusion of women in the decision making process, restructuring of the chiefdom youth council executive, and the late payment of surface rent to land owners.

Madam Massah S Mansaray land owner from Kengo section demonstrate gratitude that the intervention of Fambul Tok in addressing issues between the Natural Habitat Company and the community is timely. As a result, the company has informed land owners that surface rent payment will start on 13 December 2021.

Malen GRC Meeting Hails Peacebuilding Project

In mitigating Localized resource-based conflicts and increasing community resilience in the chiefdoms of Malen and Makpele in Pujehun District, GRC Committee members of Malen chiefdom held their last monthly meeting on Saturday 11th December 2021 in Nga

Malen GRC Meeting

ndorhun Malen village, Lower Pember section in the Malen chiefdom, to discuss updates from the various sections. Committee members drawn from the 9 sections, Farmers Based Organisations (FBO) representatives, were all in attendance. A total of 35 people (14 females and 21 males) were in attendance. In an open discussion, GRC representatives from the various sections of Malen updated committee members on the outstanding issues during past dialogue meetings in Malen and Pujehun towns.Alhaji Bawah, committee member from Lower Pember section thanked Fambul Tok for their intervention in the Malen chiefdom to address conflicts and other emerging issues. He reiterated that there have been so many problems before this time between the company and the community and between stakeholder and community but they are now proud to say they have seen massive improvement in the Malen land conflicts as a result of Fambul Tok’s intervention.


The chiefdom mammy queen Haja Adama Sengeh in her statement said the peace process in Malen chiefdom is in a good footing as so many problems have been resolved like:

  • The selection of chiefs by the Paramount Chief is no longer done and all chiefs are now elected according to procedures.
  • The swamp land disputes between the Bamba community land owners and Inland Valley Swamp (IVS) workers have been resolved completely
  • The court cases have drastically reduced as community members now resolve their issues through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to avoid expenses and waste of time.
  • The construction of the Sinjo road culvert
  • Communication gaps among communities have been bridged as community people now interact peacefully

Marian Rogers, FBO, thanked Fambul Tok. She expresses joy that the inland Valley swamps have helped improved the standards of living in Malen communities. Marian continues that the proceeds from the farms across the chiefdom is bountiful, thanks to Fambul Tok and other partners for the peace building process.

Mr. Sama Moriba a committee member said even though the project is about to end, he assured Fambul Tok, UNDP, and WFP that they will continue with their monthly meetings. He concluded that the only challenge, they faced now is with the farm guards security as they still continue to harass community backyards in search of alleged stolen palm fruits. “We plead to FTI-SL to extend the projects for wider sensitization at sectional level”, he ended.